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Doctoral Program in Psychology

The Doctoral Program in Psychology offers training and research opportunities at a level compatible with the highest international standards. In addition to our formal curriculum, we regularly invite national and international experts to present and discuss research methodologies, academic skills, and state-of-the-art science. The Doctoral Program attracts students from various national and international backgrounds, most of which hold competitive Ph.D. scholarships. A steadily growing postgraduate community, a substantial increase in internal and external research funding, and an optimal research infrastructure contribute to a productive, stimulating, and collaborative scientific environment.

Center for Social Research and Intervention (CIS) at Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

CIS-Iscte is the research center with the highest concentration of social psychologists in Portugal and one of the highest in Europe. Our mission is to advance social psychological theories and models, integrating different levels of analysis and different methodological approaches, to apply strong theory-based approaches in diverse areas of psychology, by developing interventions and supporting public policies anchored in science; and to prioritize the training of students and young researchers, integrating research into teaching at all levels of training.

Department of Social and Organizational Psychology (DPSO)

The Department of Social and Organizational Psychology (DPSO) is recognized as a site of excellence in education, research and intervention in Psychology. The Department brings together a faculty of highly qualified professors and researchers who are internationally recognized and fully committed to both teaching and research. The group has broadened out of its strong tradition of research in social psychology, becoming an international competitor in other fundamental research domains (such as cognitive science and emotions), as well as in various areas of applied psychology (like health, the environment, child protection, education, community, intercultural relations and law). Thus, what distinguishes this group is its excellence and diversity.

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Extended until March 1st

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April 3th to April 30th of 2024

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May 23rd and 24th of 2024

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